About Me

I'm just this guy, y'know?

The Things I Do:
        I'm an animator! I love taking things and giving them life and movement. I can take a character rig or object and animate it to do whatever is needed. My goal is to end up working on fantastic games (or films!) like the ones I watched (or played!) when I was growing up.

The Places I've Seen:
          I've been all over the place! Born in Denver, CO. Spent a bit in Oahu, HI. Grew up more in Irvine, CA. Then grew up the most in Ashburn, VA.

Since I graduated from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. That makes a total of five states! Now I'm in wonderful Seattle, Washington! I've done animations for ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2, Camouflaj on Republique, Airtight Games on Murdered: Soul Suspect and E-Line Media on Never Alone!

If you need to get in contact with me you can toss me an email at jganimations(at)gmail(dot)com.